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Sheltr co-living stands as a modern housing solution that prioritizes the values of community and affordability. Their carefully crafted shared living spaces create a seamless blend of individual comfort and social interaction. Placing a significant emphasis on convenience and flexibility, Sheltr provides all-inclusive packages that cover rent, utilities, and even housekeeping services.


Lamps by Jaqueline specializes in crafting unique, hand-made lamps from upcycled materials. We created a characteristic yet minimalist brand identity. In addition, we designed and developed a website adorned with charming animated illustrations. Lamps by Jaqueline isn’t just about lighting; it’s a story told through art, craftsmanship, and the delightful imagination.


A seamless fusion of sophistication and boho chic. We designed and developed a user-friendly online shop that reflects the brand’s unique style, complete with custom illustrations that breathe life into the bohemian essence of Tamo Boutique.

Rebecca Verstraete

A personalised touch Rebecca Verstraete gives their clients a well-curated personalised interior architecture along with interior design. We do the same with our clients, we designed the website  and developed the e-commerce with the company’s vision in mind.


Smell of home Collaboration with Odeon for us meant that we understand the nature of the business is simple yet sophisticated with luxury home good. We designed website and developed their e-commerce aesthetically pleasing with enough practicality. SMELL OF HOME


Decades of elegance BULO, one of our prominent clients, is a family owned  business since 1963 delivering world-class finest furniture. They have entrusted us with their digital presence in the form of socila media & website.STUDIO MECARO is proud to have been doing the art direction for BULO. Epitome of world-class furniture since 1963

CC studio

Nestled in the heart of Antwerp, CC Studio specializes in crafting exquisite environments influenced by the beauty of nature. Our primary goal is to harmonize space, light, materials, and intricate details to fashion atmospheres that encourage individuals to explore, revel, and unwind.


Century of passion about paint & interior EMENTE acquires more than a century-old family passion that is personal with eloquent history of colours and patterns. We gave them a push in the digital world with content creation, templates and a strategy. A Century-Old Passion